How will KAIZEN Help To Achieve High Quality Healthcare Service?

 December 8, 2020


KAIZEN Help To Achieve High Quality Healthcare Service?

Do you want to build a competitive team?

Do you want to build a team with an adaptive mindset?

Do you want your team to focus on the objective of your organization?


This is the appropriate tool in lean healthcare methodology that will provide answers for the above questions?


You may be or may not be heard about this word before.

But, I will assure you that if you implement this technique you will scale the result as soon as possible.

Now, What is KAIZEN?

It is a systematic approach for process improvement to yield superior results.

It is a Japanese term where KAI means “Change” and ZEN means “For The Better”

Hence, KAIZEN means “Change For The Better – productivity, For The Better quality, For The Better safety and For The Better workplace culture”

Let me introduce you to a four step process of implementing KAIZEN in your organization using a mind map given below.

(i) Creating Lean Mindset – KAIZEN Help To Achieve High Quality Healthcare Service?:

If you want your team to provide an effective outcome then you have to make them understand about that outcome.

First you have to create a Lean mindset.

Slowly start to explain about Lean Methodology.

Give a brief orientation about the success of Lean journey.

Explain to them about the benefits of practicing Lean  concepts.

Worker as a leader: 

You have to believe that workers are the leaders of your organization

You have to show them that How valuable they are?

You should emphasize that continuous learning will enhance their both personal and organizational abilities.

Improving efficiency: 

Be responsible for yourself for making them understand that continuous learning will improve their efficiency.

Make them to realize that they will position themselves in a competitive place through continuous learning

In the same way, an organization can also experience a wonderful outcome.

Ensure Safety: 

With this Lean tools and techniques, you can ensure the safety of employees

And recalling yourself about their safety is your priority.

Every single resource in your organization has a unique value to contribute for the achievement of organizational objectives.


(ii) KAIZEN Approach – KAIZEN Help To Achieve High Quality Healthcare Service?:

Implementation of KAIZEN by following the 5 principles will make you improve the workplace culture and new pathway for better quality, productivity and workforce management.

Creating Customer Value

Educate them on How to Know your Customer?.

Teach them on How to identify the needs and interests of the customer? so that they can improve the service process.

Targeting Zero Waste

Everyone in your organization should have an idea about all forms of waste.

Step by step elimination of waste until to achieve the goals set of Zero Waste 

Following the Action

Value is created when things actually happen

Understand their problem with them rather than reviewing the results

Meet them in their work station and have a healthy interaction

Discuss about the issues and problems from their point of view.

Empower People

Prepare your team by providing appropriate tools and techniques to reach the goals

Always keep your team small

It helps for good communication, focused and measurable.


Document everything and display it, It creates a passive and ambient flow of information 

It allow all team mates to participate in information sharing

Make sure that performance and improvements should be tangible and visible.

(iii) KAIZEN tools – KAIZEN Help To Achieve High Quality Healthcare Service?:

  • PDCA Cycle:

Follow this cycle that allow you to make continuous structure of improvement process


PDCA Cycle

Plan – define your objective and how you’ll achieve it.

Do – implement the plan and make any changes required to ensure it works.

Check – evaluate the results and identify opportunities for improvement.

Act – make adjustments based on what’s found in the previous step.

  • GEMBA Walk:

A scheduled walk to the shop floor and talk with frontline employees

You can get valuable information by actually going down to the frontline employees.

  • 5 Why’s:

It helps you to identify the root cause of an any issue

After a problem arises you should ask yourself “Why” five times.


(iv) Collecting Feedbacks and Suggestions – KAIZEN Help To Achieve High Quality Healthcare Service?:

Finally, you created value among your employees. It’s important that you have to collect feedback and suggestions from them.

Whereas feedback can be collect by three different ways

  • By conducting regular meeting 
  • Through written format(KAIZEN Sheet)
  • Response from quality circle

Conclusion – KAIZEN Help To Achieve High Quality Healthcare Service?

Once implementing the tools and techniques there should be a consistency in follow-up.

You can notice the improvements in workstation, in the office and also with your employees.

What you need to do is, making KAIZEN process live for ever with small improvements.

It gives you a continuous improvement without spending huge amount.

The team leaders role is very important and they should receive significant training in problem solving and analysis techniques.

 Continuous identification and correction of problems tend to maintain the status quo and pushes your organization towards perfection everyday.

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