Will Advanced Technology Disrupt the Future of Healthcare Staffs?

 May 31, 2021  mohammed.vava@gmail.com


Will Advanced Technology Disrupt the Future of Healthcare Staffs?

Information and Communication Technology(ICT) penetrates in all business and service sectors. It keeps all end users connected, the rapid transformation by adapting advanced technologies, business and service units enjoyed the effective and efficient outcome. Whereas, the Healthcare sector is transforming its facet in a fast pace by adapting advanced technologies.

Will Advanced Technology Disrupt the Future of Healthcare Staffs? -The question here is, in the Healthcare sector, if advanced technologies such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT were implemented, then what about the role of nursing staff and manpower involved in healthcare services?

And this question was raised towards a group of healthcare staff by me in my first training program on “Implementation of Lean Healthcare Management”.


One ANM raised her hand and replied, we will be out of the market or we will be thrown out. 

Will Advanced Technology Disrupt the Future of Healthcare Staffs? -But the real thing is not like that. However, in service sectors, the maximum dependency will be to the manpower. And the alarm is that robotics and automation will disrupt our requirements to the industry slowly. To sustain in this changing environment, you have to equip yourself to be more skilled and updated.

Let us take the banking sector as an example. Before 2 decades we had to wait in a queue for fund transactions at banks. They adapt technology for centralization with ICT. Slowly ATM machines arise like mushrooms for cash withdrawals and it reaches the ultimate objective of the transaction process that can be done simply at your location using UPI and other payment portals without a need of physical presence to the bank.

Whether the requirement for banking staff has been decreased? Whether they have faced the layoff issues? No. Still they are highly paid professionals. It is because the sector needs the skill of the employees. Same way in the healthcare sector also. Here what is needed is to equip and update yourself periodically. You have to develop a self-learning behavior within.

Will Advanced Technology Disrupt the Future of Healthcare Staffs?-Another staff member wants to clarify about the word equip and update yourself. Also she counters that, “Yes we are updated. Learning new concepts related to our service and sometimes the management also provides us training sessions for our learnings”.


I replied, Of Course that is the basic requirement expected from this industry. If you want to survive, you have to do it. here, what i want to ask you is, how are you differentiated from others?

How are you positioning yourself in this sector?

What is your personal brand?

What is your competitiveness?

Yes, I put a pause button on asking questions and started my training session as below.

I am sure that I will help you to answer these questions and today I am here for that too.

I am going to provide an awareness and orientation about Lean Healthcare Methodology and about how to implement these techniques in your workplace.


At the end of this day, you will be clear about how this training is going to transform you. 

In this context, I want to brief you about Lean Methodology in the Healthcare sector and advantages of learning and implementation of Lean Methodology in the Healthcare sector. Lean Methodology, more than a tool or technique, it’s a skill set that to be inculcated with each one of us.

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